The workshop officially begins on Friday, but I welcome you to join me for a sunset shoot on Thursday evening where we will shoot Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from Accademia bridge, we will meet in the hotel lobby at 15:30.



Below is a rough itinerary of where we will be shooting each day, which may be subject to change, as it may be more advantageous to choose different locations given the weather conditions on any given day. 

Each morning, we will aim to arrive at the chosen location approximately 30-45 minutes prior to sunrise, as I want to give you ample time to consider your composition.  This will typically mean meeting in the lobby of the hotel anywhere between 06:30-06:45, although I will confirm the time the evening before.

Following the morning shoot we will return to the hotel at approximately 09:15 for breakfast, refresh ourselves and aim to leave the hotel at 12:00 for an afternoon shoot which will see us through until sunset.

There may be a possibility that we will experience Aqua Alta during the workshop, if we are fortunate enough to witness this I will leave it open to a group majority if you want to continue shooting and forego breakfast one morning.



San Marco


Santa Croce


Giudecca / Dorsoduro










San Polo





The itinerary is broken down in to the Sestieri (neigbourhoods) that make up Venice, with the addition of Pellestrina and Lido.  The above images are merely a representation of some of the locations we will be visiting and are not necessarily indicative of the order that form the itinerary.

On the last evening I always like to leave this open to the group to consider any locations that they would like to revisit, to avoid disappointment the group majority will have the deciding vote. If there is no group majority then it will revert back to me to choose a location.

Please note that because of narrow walkways in Venice, some locations we will visit may not lend themselves well to groups, therefore, there may be occasions that you will need to shoot in pairs and then allow other participants to take their turn.


The hotel

The hotel is situated close to San Marco Piazza (St Marks Square), the address details are below:

Rosa Salva: Calle Fiubera, 951 - 30124 Venice

When you arrive at the hotel the room will be booked in your name, check-in is 14:00 onwards.  If you intend to arrive earlier the hotel will normally take bags to allow you to explore Venice.  Should you encounter any difficulties, then please contact me and I will put your luggage in my room. 

Getting to the hotel

Assuming you are arriving by plane and flying in to Venice Marco Polo Airport I recommend getting the road bus to Piazzale Roma, as this is the quickest and cheapest way to get to the hotel.  If you choose to get the bus, enquire at the travel desk at the airport which stop the shuttle departs from.  Tickets can normally be purchased from the driver, it takes approximately 20 minutes and a return ticket is approximately €15.  When you arrive at Piazzale Roma just by the Ponte della Costituzione (Constitution Bridge), there is a Vaporetto stop where you can buy your ticket and ask them for directions for the boat to San Zaccaria, expect the boat to take approximately 30 mins. From there you will need to navigate your way by foot, you can download a PDF map from San Zaccaria to the hotel here


We will be making full use of the Vaporettos (water buses) during the workshop to navigate our way through Venice and to other islands such as Lido, Giudecca etc... for which you will need to buy a ticket (which is not included in the price of the workshop).  The prices are approximately: one week €60, 3 days €40, 2 days €30 or 1 day €20.  We will of course be negotiating the beautiful narrow streets of Venice on foot as well and whilst the terrain is relatively easy we may be walking long distances, therefore, I recommend a pair of sturdy walking boots.

camera equipment / other accessories

Whist this is no doubt going to be on the top of your list of priorities to pack, I have put together a checklist that I use for each trip, which can be downloaded here

Additionally I encourage you to bring your laptop to be able to review your images at the end of each day and more importantly back up your images.  Where backing up your images is concerned, I am always overly cautious and keep all of the images on my memory cards, back them up to my laptop and then back them up to an external hard drive as well.

My images from Venice have been taken with a multitude of lenses at varying focal lengths ranging from 17mm to 200mm.  If you prefer to travel light and have one or two lenses in this range then that will suffice, but I leave this to your discretion as I would prefer that you did not miss an opportunity because you did not bring a particular lens.  Should you have tilt shift lenses, then I strongly encourage you to bring these to maximise their potential when shooting the architecture of Venice.

I use 3, 6 & 10 stop neutral density filters either independently or in combination with each other at various points throughout the day.  If you have this compliment of filters then I strongly encourage you to bring these too.

There are some camera shops in Venice, but their stock is limited, therefore, as advised in the checklist if you do have a backup of various items then I recommend you bring them as well.



Breakfast is included in the cost of the hotel, but all other food and drink is excluded.  It would be great if we can meet for dinner each evening, I will endeavour to look for somewhere that is relatively cheap to take in to consideration those who are travelling on a budget.