Post production is a vital step in creating outstanding work especially where long exposure photography is concerned and this is an opportunity to take your work to the next level.

The day will start with me demonstrating my workflow using one of my images.  You will then get the opportunity to start applying this workflow to one of your own images using the following pieces of software, including how to configure these tools to ensure you get the best possible results from your work:  

  • Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Photoshop, Nik Software Silver Efex Pro & Nik Software Colour Efex Pro. 

In addition, we will discuss:

  • Levels, Curves, Masking, Selections, Gradients, Dodging / Burning, Preparing Files For Print - and much much more.

Some knowledge of working with Adobe and Nik Software products will be an advantage, but is not essential.  You will also be provided with a document covering everything you have learned during the day.

All workshops are held in the privacy and comfort of my own home in the beautiful surroundings of West Sussex.  Dates on the Workshops Calendar page are advertised as every Saturday, but if there is a more convenient day that you would like to join me then please let me know.

Where needed, workshops can now be offered online via Skype, but a Skype meeting will need to be held prior to any booking to ensure that our respective broadband speeds can accommodate this.

The cost for a one day workshop (from 09:00 - 17:30) is £250 (including lunch), a deposit of 50% is required to secure your place.



Scott Baldock, Essex, England

I recently attended Noel's one day post processing workshops which I found to be excellent. I'm a Lightroom user who could never got to grips with Photoshop but with Noel's tuition I was soon on my way to understanding layers, masks and lots more.

The one-day workshop was really well structured and put together and you could see there was a lot of work put into it. 

Also I have to mention, the aftercare was great, Noel answered lots of question for me and helped me with a few processes I couldn't remember via email. 


Dev Kulkarni, Toronto, Canada

I have been an ardent fan of Noel's work since the beginning. His post processing technique caught my attention and I decided to attend his PP workshop.
Even though I processed my images in the past and knew all the software's, Noel's workflow and approach for post processing gave a whole new direction for my photography which I will continue following it in future.

This workshop not only covered in depth post processing techniques, but we also discussed photography, composition and printing in general. As Noel believes in "keep it simple" approach, I feel it is extremely effective and easy to follow.
Most importantly I asked several questions apart from post processing to which Noel responded instantaneously with an elaborate explanation.

Noel is a true teacher who will not only help you improve your post processing skills but also motivate you towards perfecting your craft. I can't thank you enough Noel ! 

Philipp Dase, Germany - Award Winning Photographer

Last year I had the chance to meet one of my personal photography idols, "Noel Clegg" for two extensive workshops. Having been dabbling around with long exposure photography for 2 years I felt that I met the limit on what I could do on my own, both in terms of post processing as well as becoming a more skilled and focused photographer. 

And I could not have hoped for a better mentor. Noel´s humble and friendly persona along with his in depth knowledge regarding fine art long exposure photography allowed me to take the next step with my photography. Visiting Noel from Germany he was very forthcoming in providing me with all the information I needed and made me feel right at home. I was very impressed by his structured and perfectionist way of going about his own photography. 

His workshops are extremely well prepared and Noel´s always very open to any questions and suggestions coming his way and showing you a lot of different ways to solve any problems one comes across, be it in Photoshop or out there shooting.

Thank you for all you did Noel and I´m very much looking forward to my next workshop with you.


Jenni Alexander and Bob Hook, Essex, England

My husband & I recently went to Venice on a long exposure workshop. We came home with quite a few images that for once we were really pleased with but we weren't happy with our post production skills. Having been a follower of Noel's work for some years we decided to book a workshop with him. Our goals prior to doing the workshop were to learn what makes that final image so special! We would like to thank Noel for his patience in imparting how he organises his workflow & then helping us put it into practice. Coming to grips with layers & masks (areas of Photoshop which have elluded us) was a huge step forward.

We came away with a very in depth document of step by step easy to follow instructions on everything that we covered.

Noel 's ongoing support has also been invaluable. For anyone wishing to improve their B&W post production techniques we would highly recommend Noel's workshop.  Easy to follow, All questions answered and excellent follow up offered.


Gary Maunder, England

I found that the one to one with Noel was extremely thorough, informative and at a pace that I found was easy to follow. I also found Noel's openness and willingness to discuss his own work and methods very refreshing and I became totally absorbed in the tutorial.  The pdf that Noel sent to me, which is exactly what he goes through with you the day, has for me - a person with dyslexia and dyspraxia - been a Godsend. When you do a one to one with Noel, you will already be aware of his extremely high standards and his wonderful images. His obvious attention to detail, organisation and ability to teach are the first things to hit you when you are working at the computer with Noel.  I would certainly go back again for a refresher and have enjoyed reprocessing the images on my hard drive that quite frankly had not been dealt with so well before I had the tutorial with Noel.


Matt Wilkins, East Sussex, England

I have always liked black and white photography, but had never really progressed beyond very basic manipulations in Silver Efex Pro. In addition, I had only recently started to use Adobe's Creative Cloud package and was keen to understand what these programs were capable of, and discover how I could make better use of them in my workflow.

I decided to attend one of Noel's workshops after I saw a nice photograph transformed into an arresting work of art by way of his post processing techniques.

Noel has a great wealth of experience with the Adobe Creative and Nik suite of programs, and was able to clearly explain how he went about getting such stunning results. It was highly instructive to be taken through his creative process and be able to discuss each stage of the workflow with him. I was particularly impressed with Noel's attention to detail as we progressed, the careful consideration of the adjustments made and the reasoning behind them. In all we covered everything from image import to final printing. It was great to be able to concentrate on the tasks in hand during the workshop, without having to take notes, as Noel provided a detailed support document upon completion of the workshop. Noel and Becky provided great hospitality and company on the day, in a very warm and welcoming environment that greatly assisted the learning process.

In summary, the workshop went above and beyond my expectations in every way. I came away with a much better understanding of photoshop and an appreciation of what I can achieve with the packages covered.  I feel that I have more tools at my disposal to create works of art, and most importantly, have a solid foundation upon which to build my skill set and develop my own style. I am now reviewing my own libraries with a fresh pair of eyes as I can now see the potential in some of my previous work. If you want to expand your horizons, fire up your enthusiasm, and explore your own creativity, I highly recommend attending one of Noel's workshops


Tony Hunter, Manchester, England

If you want to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to produce fine art black and white photos this is the post production workshop for you.

My goals before attending, were to review my existing workflows, gain new skill and learn from one of the best.  All my goals were fulfilled and I came away very inspired by the quality of the output that was possible by following the techniques taught by Noel.

As well as seeing Noel in action, you also have the opportunity to process one of you own image under his tutelage.

To summarise, if you want to learn new skills and improve your black and white photography, I would highly recommend attending one of Noel's workshops.

Also the hospitality provided by noel and his wife (Becky) was second to none.


Louisa Pollard, London, England

I would just like to say a huge thanks to Noel for a great 1 day PP workshop in London.  This was my first workshop with Noel and I am sure will not be my last.  I consider myself a novice having only had my camera for 10 months and only having used basic tools in Adobe Lightroom for processing, Noel's workshop has given me the skills and confidence to move forward both technically and creatively.

The workshop covered Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop and Nik Software (Silver Efex & Colour Efex) but also touched on many more aspects including gear and printing.  Noel's approach was incredibly thorough, we covered a lot during the day and he followed up the workshop with a superb support document (almost 200 pages long!) that covered everything we went over on the day so during the day itself I could concentrate on the task in-hand rather than having to think about taking notes.   I found the day very beneficial and could not wait to get home, pick up the camera and get back to the iMAC to get going.  I would like to add that Noel has also been very responsive since the workshop when I have needed further guidance!  

Noel is a very friendly and approachable guy and I would highly recommend his PP workshop.  Many thanks again Noel for all your help on the day and since, it has been very much appreciated.


Glenn Driver, West Sussex, England

Having admired Noel's work for sometime, I was keen to attend one of his 1:1 workshops and gain a little insight into how he produces such fine work.. However, I did not fully comprehend just how much I would learn from the course. Not only from Noel's technical expertise but also the thought process for how he envisions the final outcome of his images. 

Not only is Noel an extremely talented and a passionate fine art b&w photographer but he is also a great guy and was only too happy to answer the many questions I had. 

Highly recommended for anybody wanting to improve their post processing skills.


Adele Spencer, Dublin, Ireland

As a lover of black and white fine art photography, this was the perfect way for me to learn all about the process of creating amazing images like Noel’s.

An in-depth presentation on how Noel processes his images has helped me enormously with my workflow and has enabled me to produce some lovely wall hangers since returning home.

Noel is a very friendly and approachable guy and fun to be around.  The relaxed atmosphere made the workshop all the more enjoyable.

I would highly recommend anyone to go on a workshop with Noel because you are sure to have a great time.