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Noel Clegg is an international award winning photographer whose work has been exhibited internationally in Hong Kong and New York, in addition to numerous locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Drawn to the dynamics and textures of the subjects that form his compositions, he uses long exposure techniques to isolate their inherent beauty.  This allows him to create an interpretation of the scene in his own vision, which transcends what the naked eye sees.  By separating the subject from surrounding distractions, he hopes that this allows the viewer to appreciate his personal connection to the subject.

His passion for photography is that of simplicity; he seeks out compositions with clean lines, symmetry and negative space which is subtly echoed in his work.  It is the appreciation of the landscape that is his main source of inspiration, where he can immerse himself in the elements, away from the distractions of everyday life.

Venice provides the ideal backdrop for him to realise his craft from the intricacies of the architecture found in the city, to the simplicity of everyday objects that often go unnoticed in the surrounding lagoons.  During his career, his fascination with this unique city has not faded and over the years he has continued an ongoing project to document his own, "moments of solitude" in an otherwise thriving city.


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